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      China electric power fittings imported by the impact of foreign capital development slowed down

      At present, China's imports of power regardless of the number or amount of steady state. According to statistics, the first three quarters of last year a total of imports of all kinds of electric tools products 176 thousand and 800 units, the amount of $11 million 765 thousand and 500. The same period also imported a large number of electric tool parts, import quantity by weight of 3086.98 tons, the amount of $30 million 430 thousand and 600 of machine parts. The total amount of imports of $42 million 196 thousand and 100.

      In recent years, our country from the country (territory) the number of imported electric power fittings electric tool has been in a slow rise in the state. This and the last century before 90s a large number of import country (territory) external electric power fittings the formation of a great contrast. The reason is mainly because many foreign famous electric power fittings electric tool manufacturers have in me China has opened a wholly-owned enterprises.

      With China's accession to the WTO, for electric power fittings of electric tools these foreign enterprises in China's market marketing creates good conditions. It is understood that the electric power fittings manufacturers world famous brand products, most are no longer needed from the country (territory) into the Chinese mainland market, from foreign funded enterprises for electric power fittings after the production of "direct". It not only solves the contradiction between the slow delivery time, but also reduce the cost of sales. In order to adapt to changes in the way of marketing, are many well-known enterprises set up sales offices in many city of our country.

      In recent years, the "real" power, the import quantity is less, not many varieties, mainly some special products in the domestic electric power fittings owned enterprises without production of these products. The sales price is generally higher.

      Concerned that a large number of electric power fittings electric tool parts imported to China, a considerable part of the foreign capital imported electric power fittings electric tools enterprises for assembling products, only a small part is used for imported electric tools after sales maintenance service. According to industry analysis, in recent years, the import of electric tools in China after sales the maintenance service in most parts, electric power fittings have been provided in China's production, and does not need to be from the country (territory) foreign imports of higher priced products.

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