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      State Power Grid Corp for the first time successfully carried out 1 million volts

      State Power Grid Corp for the first time successfully carried out 1 million volts high voltage lines and other potential live operation

      The morning of June 17th, the national Power Grid Corp of Hubei province company owned EHV power transmission company charged workers for the first time in live operation 1 million volts high voltage AC transmission lines successfully carried out a conductor spacer replacement operation.

      At present, the grid has entered the key period Yingfengduoxia, to ensure UHV line safety, stable and reliable operation, Hubei EHV power transmission company actively carry out research on operation technology of UHV power grid peak summer electricity, formulate measures to strengthen the maintenance of UHV line operation, to ensure that the special high-voltage line zero defects in summer. This is a live line work in UHV line live operation, the first 1 million volt equipotential line work, marking China's special high-voltage live working technology entered the practical stage.

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