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      State Power Grid Corp plans to "12th Five-Year" power grid scientific development

      In February 2nd, the national Power Grid Corp "in 12th Five-Year" the first meeting of the leading group of power grid planning and Planning Forum held in Beijing. The National Deputy General Manager of Power Grid Corp, Party members Shu Yinbiao stressed, according to the "longitudinal end, cross to the edge", covering all voltage grade and the special large, unified planning system at all levels the scientific advance "12th Five-Year" grid planning.

      "12th Five-Year" is a critical period of building a well-off society, sustained and healthy economic and social development, large-scale clean energy grid, UHV transmission technology application, which brings new opportunities and challenges to the development of the national grid. In order to implement the national energy strategy, promote sound and rapid development of the national grid, the company started in November 2009 "12th Five-Year" network planning, has made progress.

      Shu Yinbiao suggested that the scientific establishment of the "12th Five-Year" power development planning, the time is urgent, significant, we must correctly grasp some important issues and basic principles. In the aspect of power grid planning concept, to fully understand the quality of power grid development, the relationship between power transmission efficiency and investment benefit. In the power grid planning standards, to take into consideration power grid planning and design regulations, capacity load ratio, radius of the economic current density, power supply, the "N-1" principle, the reliability index, a system with two indexes system, application of new technology and new equipment. In the construction of power grid planning system, according to the "end of the longitudinal, transverse to the edge" requirements the company established, covering all the voltage level and the special planning system, all levels of unity, strengthen the planning and preliminary plan, organic convergence, and the construction of unified planning research platform for the company. In the future, where Not included in the planning of the project, can not enter the project library, not to carry out preparatory work, can not be included in the investment plan. In the distribution network planning, to focus on the current situation of distribution network is relatively weak, attach importance to planning depth and management planning, to ensure the completion of the "12th Five-Year" distribution network planning of high quality. In the new energy plan, to actively carry out the wind power capacity and scale of development research, is one of the major differences in 12th Five-Year compared with the previous "power grid planning of power grid planning.

      "11th Five-Year" is the scientific establishment of power grid planning implementation of "12th Five-Year" planning an important foundation. The meeting stressed that through the "11th Five-Year" power development evaluation, a comprehensive summary of the achievements and experience, analysis of the quality of power grid development, investment benefit and problems, identify gaps and weaknesses, objective, true, accurate assessment of development "in 11th Five-Year" power grid, accurate positioning of the current development level of the power grid, for the preparation of scientific company "12th Five-Year" power grid development plan provides the basis.

      The company's power grid planning leading group and the working group members, the provincial companies responsible person in charge of Chinese, EPRI, China Institute of Economic Research Institute, China energy network responsible person to attend the meeting. The meeting invited China power engineering consulting group company representatives and experts to participate in the meeting heard. "In 12th Five-Year" network planning and reporting "11th Five-Year" power development outline summary assessment report, listened to the delegates and invited experts "opinions on the preparation of 12th Five-Year" network planning, network planning and deployment training research. All units on behalf of said to be based on the company fully integrated into the planning system, from the development of regional economy and society and its practice starting, strengthen leadership and coordination, promote the scientific work of 12th Five-Year "power development planning.

      In accordance with the progress of the work, the national Power Grid Corp in 12th Five-Year, the final report of the power grid development plan will be completed in September 2010.

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