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      Expo Park smart grid integrated demonstration project concern

      With Shanghai World Expo is approaching, Shanghai Expo Park comprehensive smart grid demonstration project concern.4 16, SASAC director Li Rongrong, deputy director of Huang Shuhe in the national Power Grid Corp general manager Liu Zhenya, accompanied by deputy general manager Cao Andy under the effects of an important part of Expo Park comprehensive smart grid demonstration project, integrated demonstration base Caoxi energy conversion Shanghai is located in the city of Xuhui District. Shanghai City Vice Mayor Ai Baojun to participate in the investigation.

      Shanghai Expo Park comprehensive smart grid demonstration project is a national Power Grid Corp, the first batch of pilot smart grid project. The main contents of Caoxi energy conversion integrated demonstration base including the large city power grid energy storage, electric vehicle charging and discharging two entity demonstration project, and FTTH, energy conversion, comprehensive exhibition hall two exhibition project.

      In the process of investigation, Li Rongrong detailed understanding of the base construction and the important role in energy conversion. A comprehensive demonstration area, Li Rongrong inspected the energy storage subsystem cell, module and other objects, between electric vehicle and power grid simulation exhibits, and through the understanding of the projection screen storage management system, electric vehicle monitoring system the operation in FTTH demonstration project show, Li Rongrong listened to the work report integration and business electricity and telecommunications in various related resources on the fusion. The base also has developed in accordance with the standard 11 Taiwan (a) full range of charging facilities, and 12 sets of electric vehicle demonstration, all kinds of electric vehicle charging Shanghai has been built by the electric vehicle charging station monitoring system of station centralized monitoring. Li Rongrong of the above innovation are fully affirmed.

      Li Rongrong stressed that the progress of the work of Caoxi energy conversion integrated demonstration base, the development of strong smart grid in China and clean energy has played a good role in promoting, hope the national Power Grid Corp continue to focus on the application, and make greater achievements.

      It is understood that the Caoxi energy conversion integrated demonstration base to showcase the application prospect of the national Power Grid Corp in technological achievements obtained in the field of energy conversion, is Shanghai's electric car charging and discharging technology and business, large capacity of city power grid energy storage technology and system control of the test base.

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