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      Xinjiang power to enter the domestic UHV power grid construction market

      In October 3rd, when people still immersed in the "double" doxhoj joy, Xinjiang construction company's workers have been playing the luggage, embarked on a 750 thousand volt power grid engineering construction in Ningxia. This is the journey of the Xinjiang electric power for the first time in the domestic 750 thousand kV power grid construction, it marks the Xinjiang electric power has the ability of domestic construction of UHV power grid project, to fill a gap in Xinjiang power grid construction field, is a new milepost in the history of the development of Xinjiang electric power.

      In September 16th this year, Xinjiang power transmission and substation engineering company received 750 thousand volt silver to Yinchuan East power transmission line project seventh tenders for bid winning notice. The cadres and workers of the company with boiling drums and firecrackers to sing the song of the festival, to celebrate this historic breakthrough, this is Xinjiang blueprint for Strategic planning and substation engineering company, "11th Five-Year" in the development of a thick and heavy in colours.

      Since this year, Xinjiang electric power company Xinjiang power grid in 11th Five-Year launched a comprehensive development plan, designated 750 thousand kV power transmission project construction planning is accelerating, Xinjiang is faced with hitherto unknown power development opportunities and broad prospects. Xinjiang electric power transmission and transformation of people to seize the opportunity to actively strive for 750 thousand volts and UHV power grid construction as a strategic task planning the company's key and main goal, highlighting the high, strict, fine, solid, guiding plan planning, with measures to ensure project implementation. In order to put the dream into reality, they organize personnel to participate in the national grid company held 750 thousand volts and UHV technology training and the new technical seminars, and to 750 thousand V Qinghai Guanting to Gansu East Lanzhou EHV power transmission demonstration project to visit and study, collect the technological guide for 750 thousand V great engineering construction, assessment standard, in-depth study, with high Standard, strict requirements, establish a set of their own perfect quality assurance system, supervision system and technical innovation system. And to "dare for the world first" wisdom and courage, rushed to the forefront of the bidding campaign, with advanced technology, reasonable construction quotation, adequate preparation, in the country 34 power transmission and substation construction enterprises in talent shows itself, in one fell swoop.

      750 thousand V Lanzhou East Yinchuan East power transmission line project by the national Power Grid Corp and Power Grid Corp jointly invest in the construction of the northwest. The line began in Gansu County of Yuzhong province Lanzhou East 750 thousand volt substation, stop in Lingwu City of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Yinchuan East 750 thousand volt substation. The scale of construction for the new single loop 750 thousand volt transmission line, the path length of 370 km the construction section, divided into 11 sections. Xinjiang construction company in the bid for the silver to Yinchuan East power transmission line project seventh tenders, line length of 32.642 km. The bid by the three phase six wire splitting LGJ 400 and 50, and stepped foundation adopts inclined column foundation, tower base 77, construction period for 13 months.

      In order to ensure the transfer of project zero defect production standards and national grid company quality engineering, striving for national high quality project, Xinjiang power transmission and substation engineering company established 750 thousand volt veteran soldiers and able captains, Baiyin and Yinchuan East power transmission line project in Bai Ning VII project department, the deputy general manager of the company command as the project manager, the company transferred from the competent construction management and technical personnel, the deployment of construction equipment and the best equipment, the establishment of 750 thousand volt project funds fully invested in the construction of the project.

      The Xinjiang power transmission and transformation engineering company to participate in the 750 thousand volt power grid project construction, to enhance the company's construction level has a very important significance. (Zhu Qiang)

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