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      China's leading power system solutions service provider

       Corporate vision

      · In the field of electric power fittings, built with independent intellectual property       rights technology development system, to provide quality products and services, fully meet   the needs of customers, has become the international competitiveness of the first-class     enterprise.

       Corporate mission

      · Service society, leading the new era of electrical

       Company strategy

      · Adhere to continuous innovation, introduction and learning and innovation, and become the    technology leader in the electrical industry;

      · Adhere to optimize management, improve efficiency, to provide customers with high-quality,  cost-effective products and services;

      · Adhere to the strategy of internationalization, as the transmission and distribution      business of the general contractor.

       Company core values

      · Customer interests first, to maximize meet customer needs;

      · Respect for employees, take full account of the personal development of employees, so that  employees in the work of music;

      · For each business activity, the principle of maximum long-term benefits.

       Spirit of enterprise

      · Earnest, realistic, unity, innovation

       Enterprise style

      · Seek truth from facts;

      · Close contact with customers and employees, from customers, to customers, from the staff,  to the staff to;

      · Criticism and self - criticism, we keep in mind that the biggest enemy is ourselves;

      · The pressure from the market competition to be passed on to every department and every  employee.

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