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      China's leading power system solutions service provider


      △Delivery resume

         Register your resume on the electro-optical recruitment website or email and apply for the position you are interested in.

      △Telephone interview:

         After you review your resume, you may receive a phone call from an electro-optical staff in order to make further communication with you -- usually a telephone interview is not a necessary step.

      Interview appointment

          Through the resume screening and telephone interview candidates will receive the interview information; we usually use candidates on their resume contact, such as mobile phone, Email and other contact, please ensure that you submit contact at the same time, real and effective, please carry the relevant documents (such as identity cards diploma, etc.).

      △Second interview:

          Candidates through the initial interview, will be arranged by the Department Manager or technical experts to participate in the final interview, the middle management staff in accordance with the requirements of the post may also have a written test (non).


         Through the interview staff, human resources will inform you to the post time, please be on time to the post.

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